DiaStrong Telehealth Launches New Program

TORONTO, ON, April 11, 2022 – DiaStrong, a telehealth service focussed on serving the diabetes community with diverse and accessible options to diabetes professionals, launched a new program today to emphasize on the necessities of a well-rounded diabetes management team.

“DiaStrong started as a concept to ensure that every person with diabetes had the necessary access to every type of diabetes care. While working with The Diabetes App, founded by our parent company Global Wellness Apps, we were able to meet and talk to so many people who just had incredibly different diagnosis experiences. While some had been offered support groups, others just got a prescription. It really highlighted the gap missing in this industry. We’re very excited to launch this program as it centers around two very important people that inspired DiaStrong’s creation, Dobie Maxwell, Co-host of the Just My Type Podcast, and my mother, Vicki Crystal. We were able to connect with Dobie through our work with The Diabetes App and form a great relationship. Around DiaStrong’s conception, my mother found out she had pre-diabetes and everything just sort of clicked.” explained by Taylor Companion, Co-Founder and Executive Director of DiaStrong.

This program that DiaStrong is facilitating will follow Dobie and Vicki and their journey with working with a variety of diabetes professionals offered on DiaStrong. We will get a close insight into their goals, their struggles, and how they truly feel about their diabetes (Type 2 and pre-diabetes respectively).

Aiming to take place over the course of the next few months, DiaStrong is anticipating great success for the two participants and hopes that this inspires more people with diabetes to take a step towards better health.

DiaStrong Media Contact:

Irena Dunger Franjo

[email protected]