The Diabetes App & Diastrong Health Announces a Joint Social Media Challenge: #DiaStronger

Naomi Monower & Alyssa Horn
The Diabetes App & Diastrong Health
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The Diabetes App & Diastrong Health Announces a Joint Social Media Challenge: #DiaStronger
Daily activities throughout the month of July aimed at instilling healthy habits into one’s lifestyle

TORONTO, ON, July 4, 2022 – The Diabetes App is pleased to announce a collaboration with DiaStrong
Health for the month of July. The collaboration will feature a social media challenge that will take place
on both companies’ Instagram accounts. In having their followers actively participate in these challenges,
The Diabetes App and DiaStrong Health hope to bring more awareness to the benefits of healthy habits
for diabetes.

Beginning on July 4, the #DiaStronger Challenge will consist of daily activities that will follow a set
calendar for the four weeks of July. Each week, there will be a prize available for users who complete at
least one of the activities that week and share it on their own Instagram story.

More details about the requirements for participating in the challenge can be found here:

The #DiaStronger Challenge

The Diabetes App is a platform that brings support and access to essential information to those affected
by diabetes across the globe. It’s free to use website and mobile app provides an outlet for social
interaction and helpful resources for users. The Diabetes App’s goal is to centralize the diabetes
community by creating a distinct social media platform.

Diastrong is a telehealth provider that virtually connects diabetics with professionals who specialize in
various aspects of diabetes management. Its safe, affordable, and convenient services take place entirely
virtually and cover topics ranging from blood sugar management to holistic health and wellness.

Diastrong’s goal is to offer an autonomous and effective healthcare service for Diabetics globally.

To learn more visit the company websites:

Follow The Diabetes App and Diastrong Health’s instagram to stay updated with the #DiaStronger social
media challenge. We look forward to your participation and enthusiasm!