The Diabetes App Announces a Development Webinar

Naomi Monower
The Diabetes App
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The Diabetes App Announces a Development Webinar
Showcasing new features and attaining user feedback

TORONTO, ON – The Diabetes App is pleased to announce a Development Webinar occuring on the
evening of June 16th, 2022. The Webinar will showcase new features in an updated version of The
Diabetes App to current users and gather their feedback. Through this initiative, The Diabetes App
aims to create a user-centric platform and prove our commitment to the user experience.

The Diabetes App users are integral to our development and design. Accordingly, in mid-june The
Diabetes App team anticipates leading an interactive webinar with our dedicated users to discuss the
new version launch. Amid this call, we will be showcasing exciting new features we have planned for
the app ranging from layout changes to enhanced security.

Furthermore, users will be able to provide their ideas for new features or designs they want to see
on the app. Following the webinar, we will give participants the opportunity to join user interviews
and provide more detailed feedback.

Use the following link to register for the webinar:
The Diabetes App is a platform that brings support and access to essential information to those
affected by diabetes across the globe. Our free to use website and mobile app provides an outlet for
social interaction and helpful resources for users. Our goal is to centralise the diabetes community by
creating a distinct social media platform.

To learn more visit our website:
Continue engaging on the app and follow us on social media to stay updated with the upcoming
webinar. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Diabetes App