About Just My Type

Just My Type is a resourceful and comedic podcast hosted by the Type 2, Dobie Maxwell, and Type 1, Sami Parker, dynamic duo. It features a wide-ranging panel of guests such as healthcare practitioners, politicians, celebrities, others living with diabetes, and more. Join Dobie & Sami weekly as they try to guide us through the different aspects of living with diabetes while approaching diabetes management from far differing perspectives.

Dobie Maxwell

Dobie Maxwell has toured North America since 1985 as both a professional comedian and morning radio host. He is also a published author of the true crime book “Monkey in the Middle” which tells of his childhood best friend robbing a bank – TWICE – and blaming one of the robberies on Dobie. He was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2011 and continues to learn about it regularly.

Sami Parker

Sami Parker is a bubbly gal with a strong love for health, wellness, and diabetes. Growing up dancing and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 12, Sami wants to influence the diabetes community with a more lighthearted approach to dealing with this disease. She currently holds the title of the Just My Type podcast co-host and serves the Team with an insightful and outgoing new pair of eyes.

Just My Type launched in February of 2022 and has since had over 15,000
episode downloads from active listeners around the world.

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