In honor of Diabetes Awareness Month, The Diabetes App is encouraging you to tell the world “I can too!”

It’s time to get rid of the stigma that people with diabetes are limited or incapable of certain tasks.

This is more than just squashing the rumor that all diabetics can’t eat sugar, this initiative is about empowering the diabetic community by sharing stories of strength, courage, and capability!

The Diabetes App wants you to show off all the amazing things you can do! In the mood for a tasty snack? Post it to the world with the hashtag #icantoo! Looking to get in that 6-am workout before everyone else wakes up?  Share your achievements and say to yourself #icantoo!

You can also share the accomplishments of those who inspire you! Lila Moss dominated the runway showing off her insulin pump and Tom Hanks never allowed his diabetes to stun his career.  Use the hashtag #icantoo and share the stories that motivate you to achieve your dreams!

The Diabetes App, however, understands that people living with diabetes can’t #icantoo without access to proper medical care and insulin. That’s why The Diabetes App has invited Help A Diabetic Child to participate in the initiative. As of Diabetes Awareness Day, followers and users of The Diabetes App will have the opportunity to pay it forward. Simply tag a friend along with the campaign hashtag under the post on November 14th and The Diabetes App will donate $2.00 for each comment to Help A Diabetic Child.

November is your opportunity to prove to yourself and those around you that there is nothing you can’t do! Upload videos, photos, and even TikToks with the hashtag #icantoo to show everyone that you are defined by your actions NOT your diagnosis!